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Contract project for The National Maritime Museum (Greenwich) – Restoration of a whaling scene tile panel in preparation for the reopening of The Queen’s House.


The treatment involved removing the tiles from the heavy and out-dated plaster bedding, clean tiles of dirt and plaster residue, bond all sections, re-attach tiles to a sturdy but lightweight support, fill losses and retouch fills.


For a full treatment and discussion of historic findings please follow the links:


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Hispanic Arista tile 01
Hispanic Arista tile 02
Hispanic Arista tile 03
Hispanic Arista tile 04


One of several hispanic tiles used to decorate the sides of a fireplace. They were covered in soot and paint residue and had losses to some raised decoration.


After cleaning with a mild detergent, areas of lost glaze were recreated with a plasterous material and retouched to integrate the fills.

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