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Please email to inquire about estimates and proposed treatments. Indicative estimates can be given upon receiving an email with photos of the damaged object but the final quote is only firmed upon examining the object in the studio.

The Studio is near New Cross, London. It is easily reached by public transport (Southeastern trains and Overground) as well as local bus lines.

Studio hours: 9.30am - 5.30pm​

Tel: +44 (0)7780931980

Frequently Asked Questions


I have a broken item, what now?

Be careful when handling broken pieces as edges will be very sharp and cause skin cuts. Collect all sherds and wrap them in kitchen or tissue paper and do not attempt to put them together as this will wear the crisp and clean break edges and potentially increase repair costs. Collect all the tiny sherds into a small bag or envelope as they can play an important part in the final outcome. 


Can you give estimates over the phone?

No. Please write an email to 

with a few images of the broken item, its size, and any other information you find relevant. I will send you an approximate cost and this will be confirmed once the item is in the studio. If you prefer, you can make an appointment and bring the item for assessment.


How much do you charge?

Estimates for studio work are calculated on an hourly basis at £50/hour. Please contact us for specific site projects as the rates are slightly different and charged on a daily basis, and exclude traveling/accommodation costs.


Do you do the traditional kintsugi repair?

No. The traditional kintsugi repair requires materials and methods I am not prepared to offer. What I offer is a westernised version where the last layer of genuine gold or silver powder or leaf is applied, emulating the same feeling. Materials employed have been tested for conservation use and ensure repair reversibility and long-lasting properties. Objects repaired like this will become decorative only, unlike the traditional kintsugi methods which can be used in objects intended to serve food and drinks.


How long will it take to do the repairs?

It depends on the load of work I have at any given moment and the amount of time your object(s) will take to be treated. If you have a deadline to meet, please let me know well in advance and I will do my best to meet it if possible.


How can I pay you?

Payments are made on or prior to collection from the studio. Invoices are sent and payment expected no later than 30 days from the issue date. I accept bank transfers, cheques, or cash. No card payments can be processed.

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