This terracotta sculpture was made either in the 17th or 19th century and belongs to The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. 

The previous repairs were deemed unfit for display and steps were taken to investigate their extension and stability. Conservation measures included the partial removal of obsolete fills but leaving others where their removal would pose a risk for the bust, surface cleaning, rebuilding the missing sections and the replication of the Pirate's coat intricate stamp pattern.


For the full conservation treatment see the blog here


This slipware beaker had been temporarily attached with masking tape which was damaging its fragile slip decoration. 


After softening the adhesive to remove the tapes, all sections were gently brushed and consolidated where needed. 


To secure the sections whilst bonding, a low tack tape was used - tested to ensure its safe removal. Fills were made on larger gaps and retouched to a neutral tone.


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