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Note on fighting illicit trade of antiquities


As member of The Institute of Conservation (Icon, UK) I stand by their Code of Conduct and, as stated in point 4.14, I must establish that I am not agreeing to work on stolen or illicitly traded cultural objects, unprovenanced archaeological material or any items wrongfully taken, unless to establish wrong-doing or exceptionally to save the object from rapid ongoing deterioration.  


As a result all clients should expect to be asked about the provenance of their object or collection on the initial correspondence with the Studio. This inquiry must not be seen as a judgment of the client's character; rather it serves to primarily protect the artwork as well as the conservator and the client in their relationship with it.  

Roman slipware beaker 01
Roman slipware beaker 02
Roman slipware beaker 03
Roman slipware beaker 04_edited
Roman slipware beaker 06_edited
Roman slipware beaker 05_edited
Roman slipware beaker 07
Roman slipware beaker 08
Roman slipware beaker 09_edited
Roman slipware beaker 10_edited


This slipware beaker had been temporarily attached with masking tape which was damaging its fragile slip decoration. 


After softening the adhesive to remove the tapes, all sections were gently brushed and consolidated where needed. 


To secure the sections whilst bonding, a low tack tape was used - tested to ensure its safe removal. Fills were made on larger gaps and retouched to a neutral tone.


Images here reproduced with kind premission of The Novium (service provided by the Chischester District Council). All rights reserved.







Roman beaker
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