Our Services​


Tiago Oliveira is trusted by large museums and important collectors in the UK and abroad, specialising in the conservation and restoration of the following materials: 

  • ceramics (porcelain, pottery, terracotta etc), 

  • glass (historical and modern) 

  • enamels (although the metal substrate may be looked at by a metals conservator). 


We work closely with colleagues from other conservation and restoration areas to achieve the best possible outcome on each occasion. ​


We are confident in providing all aspects of conservation treatment including:

  • Cleaning and dismantling – reversing previous repairs

  • Securely bonding broken sections with appropriate adhesives to each specific type of object

  • Gap filling and/or Colour-filling – the latter is done, tight to the area of loss, using an epoxy resin bulked and tinted to match the original’s colour and translucency. This technique replaces the need to airbrush and thus unnecessarily cover original surfaces. 

  • Modelling, moulding and casting missing parts – hands, fingers, handles, finials, etc.

  • Hand retouching missing decoration

  • Gilding is preferably done with genuine 23.5ct gold leaf and/or powder (silver is also available).


All phases are documented accordingly and we can provide full condition assessments, treatment and monitoring reports. Contact us for details.


Are you unsure how to look after a damaged and/or restored piece? 

Does your collection need a bit of in-house care or perhaps a professional conservation-cleaning service? 

We ensure you can continue to enjoy your treasured objects, now and in the future, preserving good memories or
adding value to an item in disrepair 

​Get in touch and we will advise you on the next steps towards the preservation of your loved and valued artworks.


We look forward to being of assistance to you!