A mid 18th century Canton teapot on stand. The circular kettle form with painted flowers and the sides with flower landscapes. The whole resting on a tripod stand.


Badly repaired in the past with the application of a rubbery putty to attempt filling the enamel losses.


After removing all obsolet fills--revealing several losses to the enamel substrate--the metal surface was treated for corrosion and all losses filled to match the opaque white enamel. All missisng decoration was reintroduced, mathcing original’s style and details.


Large clock enamel dial. As it is often the case the damage occurred alongside the hole where the hands and/or the key are. Additionaly there were some cracks running from the damaged areas.


The treatment encompassed the removal of aged fills, cleaning, local consolidation and filling of losses. A colour fill was applied - an epoxy resin is bulked and tinted to the enamel (glass) colour and intensity and then polished to the same sheen.


We work with metal conservators who may straighten the metal substract if needed. 

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